Check port is open and not open using PHP

A port is used to recognize a specific service which is being executed in a computer. To recognize a port and to send packets, 16 bit numbers known as port numbers are used. A port number along with IP address serves as a destination for packets to be sent.

You can check port number open or not using simple php code

$host_connection = ''; // domain name
$ports_number = array(21, 25, 80, 81, 110,143, 443, 3306); //checking port number

foreach ($ports_number as $port)
$connection_check = @fsockopen($host_connection, $port);

if (is_resource($connection_check))
echo '<h5>' . $host_connection . ':' . $port . ' ' . '(' . getservbyport($port, 'tcp') . ') is open now.</h5>' . "\n";


echo '<h5>' . $host_connection . ':' . $port . ' is not open now.</h5>' . "\n";


	 20, 21:  For FTP (File transfer protocol)
	 22: For SSH (Secure Shell)
	 23: For remote login (Telnet)
	 25: For SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol)
	 53: For DNS (Domain Name System)
	 80: For World Wide Web
	 110: For POP3 (Post office protocol)
	 143: For IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
	 194: For IRC (Internet relay chat)
	 443: For HTTPS (HTTP secure)
	 532: For Usenet newsgroups
     3306: MYSQL database system

For any query please leave a comment.


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